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  • Sale! DISPLAY CASES-OCP ELITE $ 510.00 $ 475.00
    DISPLAY CASES-OCP ELITE Lid can be used as a step stool while assembling displays Access door provides storage when unit is used as a counter Interior size: 35”l x 21”h x 14″d Exterior size: 39”l x 27″h x 18”d Weight when empty: 31 lbs
  • Sale! DISPLAY CASES-OCP2 $ 326.00 $ 297.00
    DISPLAY CASES-OCP2 Premium latches for maximum strength Hinged lid with internal light storage Robust, roto-molded plastic Interior size: 34”l x 22”h x 13”d Exterior size: 40”l x 26”h x 18″d Approximate weight when empty: 32 lbs
  • Sale! DISPLAY CRATE-OCF $ 740.00 $ 697.00
    DISPLAY CRATE-OCF Offers the same features and benefits of the OCT in a rectangular shape Interior size: 47”l x 35″h x 18”d Exterior size: 51”l x 38”h x 24”d Weight when empty: 55 lbs
  • Sale! DISPLAY CRATE-OCF2 $ 798.00 $ 657.00
    DISPLAY CRATE-OCF2 Molded stackable shipping crate 18” deep Heavy-duty roller bearing recessed in bridge of case Holds 18 layers of flat panels in horizontal direction Interior size: 47”l x 47″h x 18”d Exterior size: 51”l x 51”h x 24”d – weight when empty: 70 lbs
  • Sale! DISPLAY CRATE-OCFM $ 397.00 $ 367.00
    DISPLAY CRATE-OCFM Interlocking surface to enable two cases to be transported together Maximum case depth= 8” allowing up to 8 flat panels per case Interior size: 27”l x 35″h x 9″d Exterior size: 49”l x 39”h x 15”d Weight when empty: 35 lbs