Display Cases & Crates

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    $ 397.00 $ 367.00


    Interlocking surface to enable two cases to be transported together
    Maximum case depth= 8” allowing up to 8 flat panels per case
    Interior size: 27”l x 35″h x 9″d
    Exterior size: 49”l x 39”h x 15”d
    Weight when empty: 35 lbs

  • NEW premium latches for maximum strength
    Built in wheels and easy-to-grip molded handle OCS
    Interior size: 13”l x 15”h x 39”d
    Exterior size: 19”l x 19”h x 45”d
    Weight when empty: 18 lbs OCL
    Interior size: 13”l x 15”h x 51”d
    Exterior size: 19”l x 19”h x 57”d
    Weight when empty: 20 lbs

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    $ 258.00 $ 237.00

    Ideal for Hopup backwall displays (fits up to 4×3 hopup)
    Built-in handle and wheels for easy transport
    Interior size: 34”l x 14”h x 14”d
    Exterior size: 38”l x 19″h x 19″d
    Weight when empty: 17 lbs

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    $ 153.00 $ 139.00

    Ideal for lights and accessories
    Secure straps help to assure case will remain closed during transport
    Interior size: 32”l x 13”h x 4”d
    Exterior size: 34”l x 15”h x 7”d
    Weight when empty: 8 lbs

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    $ 196.00 $ 179.00

    This expandable shipping case fits up to three swivel-foot banner stands with bags or one premium stand with bag*
    Also used for Formulate™ Lite displays
    Interior size min/max: min – 24”l x 12”h x 4”d max
    41”l x 12”h x 4”d – exterior size: min – 30.25”l x 14”h x 6”d max
    46.75”l x 14”h x 6”d – weight when empty: 9 lbs
    *Case does not fit Uno, Spring 5, Contender 48 or banners over 39.37” wide

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    $ 298.00 $ 279.00

    The perfect protective shipping and/or storage case for all Formulate™ exhibit kits, hanging structures and accessory products
    Adjustable roto-molded expandable display case
    Adjustable lid and easy pin latch
    Interior size min/max: min
    38”l x 14”h x 11”d max
    64”l x 14”h x 11”d – exterior size min/max: min
    40”l x 18”h x 18”d max
    66”l x 18”h x 18”d
    Weight when empty: 27 lbs
    Separate fabric graphic converts the case into a counter

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    $ 366.00 $ 337.00

    Roto-molded case for exhibits, graphics & accessories
    Secure reinforced straps help to assure case will remain closed during transport
    Strong yet lightweight
    Interior size: 47”l x 23”h x 8”d
    Exterior size: 50”l x 29”h x 12”d
    Weight when empty: 22 lbs

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    $ 236.00 $ 217.00

    Light storage in the lid
    Premium latches for maximum strength
    Interior size: 35”l x 21”h x 12”d
    Exterior size: 40”l x 26”h x 16”d – weight when empty: 31 lbs