Display Kits

Here are some examples of how to use our products in different configurations for your event. Use these ideas or create your own layout to meet the needs of your presentation, exhibit, road show, trade show, product launch, sales activity or outdoor event.

By using the Expand PodiumCase, you can easily transport your display to your event. Once at the event, it can be quickly transformed into a counter for your customers to gather around or use it as a podium to give your presentation. The Expand PodiumCase has optional inner shelves to hold extra brochures or anything you want to keep out of site from your customers.

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  • Expand 360

    Create an “island” and make sure your message is visible from all angles. The Expand MediaWall is covered with graphics – both front and back. This is the perfect configuration for locations where people pass by in different directions.
    The two cylinder shapes create extra attention – a perfect way to display your message and logo.

  • Expand Altitude

    For events where you want to make a great impact and need to make your message visible from a distance. The back drop and the flags are 10′ tall.

    This display kit includes two Expand FlagStand 1 that are 10′ tall. The back drop is created with 3 retractable displays (39 3/8″ each) that are connected at the top with magnets to create one large image. All of these displays can be used individually for other events or occasions.

  • Expand DoubleDesk

    Instead of a custom built event display, this is a great alternative that can be used over and over again. It is very cost-effective as you can use the entire combination for a large event or separately for smaller activations.

    Two pop-ups (large display walls) called Expand MediaWalls, offer you a great space for your image and message. The two Expand PodiumCases enable you to gather your customers and is equipped with inner shelves to hold extra brochures or anything you want to keep out of view from your customers. The brochure stand holds your brochures, product leaflets and marketing collatoral.

    This combination is very versatile as you can use one, several or all of the displays depending on your occasion and location.

  • Expand Dynamic

    Do you need to change your message often or vary between different messages? All of the products in this kit have a simple graphic exchange. Alter all of your images on location in a matter of minutes. So easy, anyone can do it!
    This kit is designed for occasions when you need to be able to alter your message easily. You may want to use the same display products for different occasions and locations, but with different graphics, now you can easily do that

  • Expand EventKit

    This combo is perfect for your outdoor event. The large flag is 18' tall and the smaller one 10' tall. The roll-up is double-sided to make your message visible in two directions. The Expand DisplayTunnel offers a unique shape and is super quick to set up as it practically unfolds itself.
    All our outdoor products are especially designed and carefully tested to handle wear and tear by weather and wind.

  • Expand FeatherWeight

    This combo is ultra lightweight and super easy to carry and transport. This layout includes 3 Expand BannerStand that can be connected to make a large backdrop or used separately. The brochure holder is simple and lightweight.
    Everything fits into the Expand PodiumCase, which is both used as a podium and a transport box.

    *Please note: The Expand BrochureHolder shown here is the European version. The US kit will include the 8 pocket version.

  • Expand FlexStand

    This solution is perfect when you need flexibility at your events, since the display wall can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of your presentation and floor space. The large counter gives you ample space to meet your customers and demonstrate products.

    The Expand LinkWall offers you a range of alternatives since you can you change the size and shape of it. Use it as a back drop at one event and then make a unique shape at your next activation. The super spacious counter can be turned into two cases with wheels, so you can easily pack the Expand LinkWall and your other displays and transport them to and from your event. The brochure stand can easily be set up and collapsed without removing the brochures.

  • Expand Grande

    A cost-effective and quick way to create a small stand with a back drop, a podium to gather around and a brochure holder to display your literature.
    Two Expand MediaScreen 1 create a back drop and the Expand PodiumCase is used both as a podium and a transport case for all of the products in this kit.

    *Please note: The Expand BrochureHolder shown here is the European version. The US version has 8 pockets.

  • Expand Impact

    This kit enables you to set up an entire display in just a few minutes. This configuration is perfect for occasions when you need to make a maximum impact in the marketplace.
    The podium/counter is also your transport case on wheels. The two roll-ups need 30 second each and the large back drop is set up in a minute. Pack your brochures in the brochure stand prior to your event and simply set it up on location.