1. Is my price rounded to the next square foot?
– Yes, the price will round to the next foot and square.

2. How do the grommets come on a banner?
– The grommets will be placed in all four corners and every 2-3′ on the top and bottom only. We do not grommet the sides of banners. However, we now offer custom grommets. When selected, you may design the grommet layout on your banner however you would like.

3. Are double sided pole pockets colored?
– The double sided pole pockets will be white. The single sided will have color.

4. Are the pole pockets finished to the exact size I order?
– No, the size of the pole pocket you order means that it will fit that size pole. For example, 1″ will fit a 1″ pole pocket, but will be about 4″ in size. Please be aware we heat weld and this may show thru for the 13oz and 15oz material. You can visit “How are pole pockets finished” for further assistance.

5. Do you have a limit to sizes for grommeting?
– We cannot grommet anything under 1’x1′.

6. When ordering pole pockets on banners – how will the pole pockets come?
– Pole pocket banners are taped. We use the 3M VHB Tape. They are not sewn or welded.

7. What is your turnaround time on your orders?
– While it is typical for orders to ship next business day it is not GUARANTEED unless an order has been placed with expedited shipping. Double Sided Banners,18oz banners, Oracal Clear and Contour Cutting require additional production time regardless. Files must also be submitted in one of the following formats to qualify for the 24-hour turnaround. JPEG, TIF, PDF

8. At what size do you start folding banners to ship?
– FedEx will not accept any tubes over 9′ in length. Anything above will be folded for shipping.

9. Should my art for a banner be created away from the edges?
– Yes! Please keep all text and graphics 1 – 1 1/2″ away from all edges to allow for welding and grommets.

10. What needs to be done if I’m using fonts or my words have outlines?
– You will always want to make sure to convert your file to curves or outlines, depending on what program you are using.

11. I need to keep my text and logos away from the edges?
– Yes. Please keep all text and graphics atleast 1 to 1 1/2 inches away from the edge.

12. Which file formats do you accept?
PLEASE NOTE: The only file types which allow for a 24-hour production time are JPEG, PDF and TIFF file format. Please allow for additional production time if uploading file types other than JPEG, PDF or TIFF. We prefer that you rasterize your image to the proper print size and resolution before you send it to us.

The filetypes we accept are: .EPS, .JPG, .PDF, .PS, .TIF
For cutfiles, we accept: .AI, .EPS, .PDF, .SVG

13. Can I make changes to my document prior to it being printed?
– We can only make changes to your order, immediately and only during our Customer Service Hours (9:00am – 5:30pm EST) Please call us immediately at 1-800-351-1405. Otherwise, once your order status is Ready to Print; no changes can be made.

14. Do I need to leave room on the edge for cutting purposes?
– Yes, please leave all texts and logos at least 1-1 1/2″ away from the edge.

15. Is there a limit on the size you can print?
– For magnets and yard signs we are limited by the size of the magnetic material and the coroplast sheet. For adhesives and banners we can piece them together to make any size you need, no file is too large to print.

16. What is the largest size banner you can print without a seam?
– We can print our banners up to 16′ high and 140′ long without a seam. Anything over 9′ tall will be folded for shipping.

17. If I have a vector file, what size should it be?
– Please create all files at 50% of the actual size and scale it to size in the system. If you are unable to create it to full size and keep the file under 100 mb, this is your only option. Otherwise, your file will print pixelated or blurry or possibly look bit mapped.

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